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Nancy’s Beauty Warehouse was established by Morad Zahabian in 1992 with the goal of becoming the largest beauty distribution company on the west coast. Morad, whose beauty industry experience began when he was only 19 years old working for a small franchise of beauty supply’s in southern California, started his career as a warehouse puller, a position which evolved and led him to taking over the purchasing, inventory, sales and eventually all advertising and marketing.

After several years dealing with major distributors and manufacturers, Morad saw an opening for a distribution company that could provide a supreme level of service to salons and beauty supply’s while focusing on quality brands that the major distributors were not focusing on. So with only $25,000 and two employees, Morad set out to create his company and with a spirit of love and hopes for long-term success he named the business after his wife Nancy and it was there that Nancy’s Beauty Warehouse was born.

Since then, Nancy’s has developed into a nationwide master distributor in the beauty industry and has set a strong foundation for future success.

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